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Symbios Peel & Hydro is an innovative exfoliation, care and moisturising line designed for dry and brittle hair.

Works in three stages:

Step 1: Symbios Peel & Hydro Shampoo with high AHA fruit acids. The AHA Fruit Acid Complex peels the scalp naturally, effectively cleanses it from excess sebum, and prepares it for deep moisturising. Betaine additionally strengthens hair fibres, making them more flexible and resistant to damage – reducing brittleness. The addition of organic hemp oil and apple extract takes care of the hair – it increases its hydration for a healthy and beautiful look. How to use: Apply a small amount to the scalp moistened with water, massage the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not exceed the recommended time. Rinse thoroughly with water and apply the Symbios Hydro neutralising mask. Do not apply to damaged, injured or reddened scalp. Perform the procedure no more than once a week. The recipe is based on certified organic ingredients. Always use the shampoo with Symbios Hydro mask neutralising the action of the fruit acids, restoring a natural pH to the scalp. Be in symbiosis with nature! Professional product, only available in select salons.



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